Fall 2018 Haute Couture: Yanina’s Russian Roots Retraced

Designer Yulia Yanina looked to her roots for her Fall 2018 Haute Couture collection, mixing a kaleidoscope of eras and genres all united by Russia and a love of craftsmanship.


The designer dressed her models warmly for the upcoming winter with jackets and coats made with mink, sable and faux fur. She elevated traditional peasants’ sheepskin wardrobes with chic embroidery, inspired by traditional patterns while using a variety of techniques from hand-embroidery and patchwork to leather lace.


The collection naturally featured Yanina’s signature style with fitted waists and full skirts flaring out at the knee in a colour palette of black, grey, wine and emerald. Coats had large open collars, there were several suits with elegant long slits along the sleeves, as well as beautifully embroidered blouses with cascading ruched sleeves.


Special attention was paid to accessories and headpieces, with Russian fur hats, girlish mink kerchiefs, and hand-knitted traditional kokoshnik (headpieces). Velvet stockings and regal buckles on the shoes added a luxurious feel.