Artketing: Miquel Barceló Teams Up with Pont des Arts


Spanish artist Miquel Barceló is collaborating with Pont des Arts for its latest Art & Wine collection, letting the Hong Kong-based company reproduce eight of his paintings in labels for its Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. Founded in 2010 by Thibault Pontallier (son of Paul Pontallier, who headed one of Bordeaux’s most prestigious wine houses, Château Margaux) and Arthur de Villepin (son of former Fremch prime minister Dominique de Villepin and sculptor Marie-Laure Viébel), Pont des Arts is creating a niche by linking wine and art. For its first collection, the winemaker collaborated with abstract master Zao Wou-Ki and, in 2012, showcased leading contemporary Chinese pop artist Yue Minjun, best known for his idiosyncratic “smiling faces.”

The new Barceló collection consists of seven wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy, plus one rosé, Vieilles Vignes "Réserve Spéciale" 10th Anniversary, a limited edition made in collaboration with renowned French winery Chêne Bleu, which is celebrating its 10nth vintage.

Barceló is known for his ability to capture the essence of Spanish culture, which he interprets with a bold iconography. For this new collection, the artist also revamped the Pont des Arts logo.

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