Artketing: Mario Testino and The Macallan Master of Photography


London-based fashion photographer Mario Testino is famous for creating connection with his sitters, presenting them in a relaxed pose while showcasing a more intimate aspect of their personality. He has now put his mastery of artistic composition to use in a series of photographs for The Macallan that aims to capture “the spirit of the ultimate party.” Testino is the fifth photographer the distiller has worked with for his Master of Photography series, having previously collaborated with Annie Leibovitz and Elliott Erwitt, amongst others, as part of its branding efforts. "As one of the world's truly great whiskies, we seek to collaborate with the best photographers in the world. Not just those who have the technical ability, but something more," explains Ken Grier, director of malts for The Macallan.

He adds, "The Macallan Masters of Photography is about the personal touch, we work with photographers with whom we have a shared passion to create beautiful collectables. Mario's emotional engagement coupled with the level of his creative involvement, heralds an evolution of the role of the Master in the Masters of Photography series.”

Presented in a black lacquered box, the Masters of Photography: Mario Testino Edition includes one of four Testino limited edition prints shot for the occasion, an exclusive photo-archival booklet featuring 20 images shot by the photographer during the process, and a bottle of single malt whisky together with six miniatures, each from different casks selected especially for the edition.

The 1,000-box edition will be available worldwide and each costs from $3,500.