Artketing: JeanRichard Collaborates with Street Artist Gully


Swiss watchmaker JeanRichard has collaborated with French graffiti artist Gully for a limited-edition series of three Terrascope watches, called the Graphiscope Collection. The new timepieces sport colorful paint splashes and spray on the dials and wristbands, its dripping” effect strongly recalling the works of Sam Francis and Jackson Pollock. "Gully, a big name in street art and a friend of JeanRichard, was wearing a Terrascope watch one day while he was working on a new painting. At the end of the day he found that the watch had splashes of paint all over it, and suddenly the idea came for a collaboration between us," explains Bruno Grande, managing director of JeanRichard. The watches were unveiled at the launch of Gully’s new exhibition "Philosophy of Art" at the Opera Gallery in Paris, running through October 11, which includes a painting specially created for JeanRichard and directly inspired by the theme of art and time, "Philosophy of Art 2".

“For JeanRichard, time is a philosophy of life, and for me, art is my philosophy of life. Between the two of us, we bring together very different universes to create highly unusual limited editions," Gully says.