Artketing: Georgia Russell Leafs Through Ruinart's History


Young Scottish artist Georgia Russell primarily works with paper so it is not surprising that she found inspiration in an old ledger written by the founder of the Ruinart champagne house. Using the ledger and further inspired by the light playing on the walls of the white chalk cellars of the champagne house, Russell has created a stunning installation art piece and a new ornamental wrap for Ruinart’s signature Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs.

When he founded his business in 1729, Nicolas Ruinart regularly recorded the date and condition of wine bottle dispatches, the acquisition of vine parcels, and the quantity of grape supplies in a ledger that is now a key part of the Ruinart archives. A reproduction of this first book was the starting point for Russell to use her sharp scalpel and create an explosive sculpture bringing the inanimate pages to life. Like a sculptor, she chiseled deep inside with quick and precise cuts giving birth to a new living shape that shares the history and memories of the house.

She has also created a white, lattice-like ornament for a bottle of Blanc de Blancs that lets the golden hue of the Chardonnay shine through. The abstract cut outs were inspired by the play of light on the chalk surfaces of the Ruinart cellars.

The House of Ruinart has been promoting contemporary art through its participation at various international art fairs, and this latest artistic collaboration, and the limited edition ornament, will be showcased at Art Basel in Basel this June.

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