The Making of the Graff Tassel Secret Watch

Graff Tassel Secret Watch


Graff Diamonds celebrates the time-honored fashion for transformable jewelry with a beaded tassel secret watch that incorporates over 40-carats-worth of diamonds and 330-carats-worth of sapphires.

The cascading beaded design, which will be presented at Baselworld this month, uses carefully graded and matched sapphires to create a tassel that conceals a small pavé diamond watch.

“For me, gemstone beads embody fluidity and movement,” explains Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff, pointing out how she wanted the draped rows of precious stones to lead the eye towards the tassel.

The design incorporates two brooches, with pear-shaped sapphires at their centers, which allows for the piece to be worn in three distinct and unique styles.

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