Atelier Versace for Beyonce


Beyonce has added several new songs for the European leg of her international tour, The Mrs. Carter World Tour, and with them are new ‘bootylicious’ Atelier Versace costumes. The international superstar now opens her show wearing a white and silver halter top mini-dress from Atelier Versace that uses a combination of leather straps, sculpted metal beads and white sequins.

 For her closing look, she picked another Atelier Versace outfit, a black leather racerback top and matching black mini skirt, with a transparent floor-length overlay composed of a Swarovski crystal grid, and full-length zipper down the back.

Previous collaboration between couture houses and pop stars have been Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna, Armani and Lady Gaga, and Givenchy and Rihanna.