Spring 2014 Haute Couture: Alexis Mabille Conjures Grecian Goddesses


During the 19th century, it was de rigueur for young upper-class British men to undertake the Grand Tour through Europe in search of classical art and culture. French couturier Alexis Mabille decided this season to take us on his own Grand Tour with Greco-Roman Statuary for inspiration.

Using a palette of ivory, champagne, almond green, and gray-blue, the young couturier conjured vestal goddesses with a contemporary twist. An asymmetrical peplum in white jersey was daringly cut out on the breast to reveal a delicate scaled corset, elsewhere, an evening sheath with cut out midriff sported sculptural twist draping starting low on the hip to finish at the shoulder, similar to the draping seen in antiquity.

Most elegant though were a long pleated dress in white jersey with daring plunging neckline and integrated cape, styled with a bejeweled belt, and his long asymmetrical toga in Moroccan crêpe and organza with platinum trim and a bronze belt.

Less successful was the unflattering "Mark Anthony" gold coat with column pleats that were too heavy and would overpower anyone daring to wear it. Meanwhile, lace, one of the designer’s favorite fabrics, continued to pepper many of his gowns, and so did his signature bows.