Indonesian Couturier Sebastian Gunawan talks Modern Muse


Indonesian couturier Sebastian Gunawan presented a refined Spring/Summer 2014 collection full of elaborate embroideries and detailed with sequins that celebrate his modern muse, an everyday woman who loves to showcase her fashion choices through social media. “A muse is a woman who always inspires others,” he says pointing out that some social media stars have become fashion darlings.

“These bloggers, they are not movie stars but they know how to put an ensemble together and suddenly, boom around the world they have followers and they become a muse. Fashion no longer belongs to a certain class in society, it belongs to everybody,” he says.



The S/S 2014 collection titled ModMuse pays homage to various epoques in terms of silhouettes where for example, dresses inspired by the 1920s use small organza ruffles to create movement, and long backless dresses recall the silver screen sirens of the 1940s, pretty bouffant skirts with sequins and feathers have a 1950s new-look vibe, while A-line dresses recall the 1960s.

The collection’s palette revolves around three main colors, royal blue, gold, and silver, all used through a variety of fabrics, damask, organza, brocade, and hand-beaded sequins.

ModMuse was presented in Singapore as part of the Fashion Week 2013 at Marina Bay Sands. We talked to the designer as he was casting models for the runway show.