In the Atelier with Singapore Couturier Frederick Lee




As Singapore couturier Frederick Lee is preparing to show a new couture collection as part of the current Fashion Week 2013 now taking place at Marina Bay Sands, BLOUIN Lifestyle went behind the scenes at his small atelier in the heartland to get a quick peek at what he will showcase on the closing day, Oct 19. Lee is known for his flamboyant colorful designs inspired by his regular travels and for his unabashed use of feathers. “I like to let people take a look at the things that I do to I see the wonders I see, the things that people take for granted,” the designer explained.

His 2012 couture collection had been inspired by the ethnic and tribal influences of Northern India, Kenya, and Burma, but for his new collection the designer went dark having been inspired by the theme, death. “I’m not trying to sensationalize death, but it’s a celebration of beauty,” he explained.

Feathers are always a key element in his collections, but he’s keen to stress all the feathers he uses come from farms, “there are no exotic birds.” He adds, “I’ve used golden pheasant, goose feathers, and then treat them to create different illusions,” he explained.