Fall 2013 Haute Couture: Franck Sorbier revisits the Middle Ages


Guests at the Franck Sorbier’s Fall/Winter 2013 Haute Couture Collection could have been forgiven for thinking they had stepped onto a movie set.

Young troubadours, pages, and ladies walked along the beautiful gardens of the Swiss Embassy in Paris, transporting guests back in time to a medieval court richly attired in velvet and elaborate brocade.

Doublets made with a mosaic of embroidered laces were worn over black silk thigh-high boots, while high-waist medieval-looking dresses sported long trains. Each outfit was given the name of a famous painter from the 15-16th century, from Jan Van Eyck to Hans Holbein and Albercht Durer.

Sorbier said he was inspired by medieval manuscripts, Les Livres Heures, and this could be seen in the rich and colorful, flowery embroideries of some of his outfits.

Lace was compressed to create sculpture-like doublets that wouldn’t look out of place styled with jeans. Taken in small doses, there were pieces that could be worn, though the overall collection was more an homage to the mastery of weavers and lace-makers whose skills help make haute couture what it is today.