Fall 2013 Haute Couture: Yiqing Yin's Oceanic Canvases


A vacation spent scuba-diving inspired young couturier Yiqing Yin’s Fall/Winter 2013 couture collection, as she sought to recreate the dream-like feeling of calm she experienced floating under water, looking up at the heavens.The aquatic world theme dominated the collection, titled “Les Rives de Lunacy,” with the designer using iridescent liquid organza, embroidered lace, and luscious damask in various shades of blue, lichen, and crystalline white.While in the past the designer built beautiful “armours” around the body by heavily pleating materials, she created a similar effect by playing with textures, superimposing embroideries and lace, or using feathers generously. Her opening look, a stunning white dress, had a top delicately embroidered to create an organic pattern, while the skirt seemed to be composed of hundreds offlower petals gently building up volume. Her second look reprised the same organic pattern, but this time using beads that recreated tentacles from a sea creature.


Seabed and coral patterns were also present in several of the other outfits. The bride wore a sculptural pleated skirt while her torso and visage seemed completely imprison by a red fabric coral, seeming the sea world having claimed her.

In 15 looks, the young designer created a poetic world of water nymphs, firmly establishing herself as a rising star of the Parisian haute couture scene, who dares to experiment and present a dream.