Ochirjantsan Bold - MONGOLIAN COUTURE


Mongolian fashion designer Ochirjantsan Bold, founder of Torgo Fashion, found inspiration in the court dresses Manchu-led Qing Dynasty of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as the various tribes of his native country, and sent designs down the runway in Singapore on Tuesday that mixed heritage and contemporary

The 32-year-old set up his design label in 2003 offering only made-to-measure creations, fusing traditional Mongolian clothing with contemporary European design, and though the designer admits being an “amateur” at the beginning, having not studied fashion, his label has over the years found a more international clientele, including in Russia and Japan, he said through a translator.

Bold presented his latest collection as part of the Asian night of the Haute Couture Fashion Week. The creations had been shown the previous week in Ulan Bator and looked sharply tailored on his models, with accentuated curves, though the designer said it was not his typical style, “it varies from season to season.”

The fashion industry in Mongolia may be young, but the region’s new found wealth means it is growing, albeit facing in steep curve, Bold said. However, he added the industry faced several challenges, from the lack of fabric manufacturing to the lack of international exposure.

Bold also said that Mongolian designs are distinctive, pointing to clouds and twirl patterns in the panels of some of his dresses. “The coloring is also very telling, it’s very bright. The Mongolian accessories and hair pieces are also quite different,” he explained contrasting the looks with classical Chinese details that may pass a westerner’s eye by.